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Asche Abar Shabor

Asche Abar Shabor Bengali Movie Online HD, Based on the story Prajapatir Mrityu O Punorjanmo (The Death and Reincarnation of a Butterfly) by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, the film begins with a series of brutal rapes and murders — all identical in nature — of beautiful young women. ACP Shabor Dasgupta is called in to investigate, and the tough-talking, no-nonsense middle-aged detective soon finds himself knee-deep in the murky and fragile world of teenage romance, dysfunctional families and unrestrained sex, finally bringing the criminal to justice in the film’s rather jarring and overly preachy climax.

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2h 7m 2018 1,870 views

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  • Original Title : Watch Asche Abar Shabor Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : 19-01-2018
  • Category : Bengali, Movies
  • Directors: Arindam Sil
  • Rating: 2.5 2 votes