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Balloon story is about Jeevanandham and his wife Jacqueline are moving to a new bungalow to create a horror script, as Jeeva is an aspiring director. The couple is accompanied by two assistants of Jeeva and his cousin. Jeeva comes to know that the house is haunted after one of his people gets possessed by the ghost. Jeeva doesn’t know that he has a connection with the house in his past. What is the connection between Jeeva and the house? Watch the interesting horror thriller film.

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2h 26m 29 December 2017 3,931 views

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  • Original Title : Watch Balloon Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : --29 December 2017
  • Category : Movies, Tamil
  • Directors: Sinish Sreedharan
  • Rating: 3.0 5 votes