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Kathiruppor Pattiyal

Kathiruppor Pattiyal Tamil Movie Online HD, The film has a simple but interesting plot which is set against an intriguing backdrop that revolves around an incident happening in a railway station in a single day. Kathiruppor Pattiyaal starts its journey when the lead actor Sachin who plays the character Sathya plans to elope with his girlfriend Meghala essayed by Nanditha Swetha. He sets out his journey to Nanditha’s home in Pondicherry but gets caught in between by the Railway Police force. Aruldoss plays the character of the Railway Police officer who is arrogant with the fact that the public does not respect them like they respect the state Police who deal with law and order. With the notion of being strict, he books and keeps Sachin in custody for travelling without a ticket. In the station, he essays his romantic tale to another guy who got held up by Arul Doss. His story makes the other defaulters feel pity for him and they make a plan to help him escape the Officer. The crux of Kathiruppor Pattiyal lies in Sathya’s adventure and struggle to meet his love interest Meghala.

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  • Original Title : Watch Kathiruppor Pattiyal Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : 04-05-2018
  • Category : Movies, Tamil
  • Directors: Balaiya D. Rajasekhar
  • Rating: 3.0 1 votes