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Lie Telugu Movie Online HD, The story is about National Investigation Agency is trying to nab a criminal for many years. The agency’s commissioner (Ravi Kishan) comes to know that the criminal Padmanabham (Arjun) is now residing in Las Vegas and that he is expecting a specially stitched suit from Hyderabad. The commissioner sends two agents to trail the courier in the US and nab him. On the other hand, Chaitra’s (Megha Akash) marriage gets called off. When she learns that the travel money for her honeymoon cannot be redeemed, she agrees to share the journey with another guy who is heading to Las Vegas. The guy turns out to be A Sathyam (Nithin). They agree not to tell truth to each other. At the same time, Padmanabham comes to know that NIA has sent two officers to the US to nab him. Who are the officers and how A Sathyam is connected to this whole NIA mission? to know watch the film.

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  • Original Title : Watch Lie Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : 11-08-2017
  • Category : Movies, Telugu
  • Directors: Hanu Raghavapudi
  • Rating: 4.3 4 votes