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Machine Hindi Movie Online HD, Machine happens to be a romantic thriller. Ranch (Mustafa) not just befriends his college pal Sarah (Kiara Advani), but also falls in love with her as they both share a common passion for racing cars. Besides Ranch, there’s also Aditya (Eshan Shankar) and Vicky, who fall in love with Sarah. One day, both, Aditya and Vicky get killed in a freak accident. This is the time when a devastated Sarah finds solace in Ranch. The two get married and go for their honeymoon. On the day of the honeymoon, Ranch, who not just kills Sarah, but also lands up in Georgia where he falls in love with Serena (Carla Ruth Dennis). Just before Ranch and Serena plan to get married, he kiils her rich businessman father (Dalip Tahil). What was the reason for Ranch to kill Sarah and Serena’s father, is he more than what meets the eye is what forms the rest of the film.

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