Mr Chandramouli (2018) HD

Mr. Chandramouli
Mr Chandramouli

Mr Chandramouli Tamil Full Movie Online HD, The film opens with Raghav (Gautham Karthik) in a bad shape in a hospital bed with doctors trying to revive him. The flashback then shows him as an aspiring boxer who has a cheesy buddy bonding with energetic dad Mr. Chandramouli (Karthik). Elsewhere a veteran call taxi company owner Garuda (Director Mahendran) is receiving a best businessman award for the seventh year in a row and a young entrepreneur Vinayak (Santhosh Prathap) running a rival company tells him that he wants to beat him the next year. Angered by the youngster’s aspirations the veteran seemingly starts plotting his downfall through his henchman (Mime Gopi). Meanwhile Raghav falls in love with a young girl Madhu (Regina Cassandra) and Mr. Chandramouli helps him get her. Murders and robberies start happening in Vinayak’s Go call taxis and the rest of the screenplay deals with how the hero’s dad gets involved with it and a great tragedy occurs. The hero gets out of the hospital but with a disability and how he hunts down the antagonist who is revealed in a surprise climax twist, forms the rest of the screenplay.

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  • Original Title : Mr. Chandramouli
  • Release Date : 06-07-2018
  • Category : Movies, Tamil
  • Directors: Thiru
  • Rating: 4.4 13 votes