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Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu is a story of Deceit, Drama and Dread – yet treated in the most humorous and intriguing way to grab the attention of the audience. The story revolves around a elite software legend and a group of aspiring engineers thriving to make their mark in their respective fields. The movie kicks off on a happy note when a group of friends strive to bring a team together and proceed to get their project approved. As a part of the trails, they meet Dubey, the software legend who’s got an eye for innovative projects. Dubey declines their project naming it to be mediocre but impressed with their efforts, appoints them as his employees under bench period policy. Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Three months pass by and disappointed with their work life, the team of engineers discuss their project’s future, only to find out it’s been sold to an American Company. Upon inquiry, they realize it to be the exact project they devised and also that Dubey had deceived them into thinking he dislikes the project only to steal it later and sell it off to an American Company. Seeking revenge, the team of friends decide to torture Dubey mentally as he is quite an influential personality and attacking him legally would be of no benefit. They begin making calls to Dubey, saying “You have been kidnapped”. Dubey rubs it off at first mistaking it for a prank call but as it gets really annoying, he falls prey to their plan to mentally exhaust him of any peace, privacy and happiness left in his life. They succeed in doing so with their technical expertise, tracking each and every move of his. He was literally kidnapped, kidnapped of his mental stability, just not physically captured.

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2h 6min 6 October 2017 146 views

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  • Original Title : Watch Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : --6 October 2017
  • Category : Movies, Telugu
  • Directors: Sreekarababu
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