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Saheba Kannada Movie Online HD, The story is Mano a smart young guy, who always wants to do good to others. He doesn’t want to blame anyone for any negative incidents that happen. On the other hand, Nandhini is a recreant girl, who strongly believes in astrology. She trusts an astrologer blindly and follows what he says. Mano, who feels for Nandhini helps her and wins her trust. Nandhini’s wish is to become a popular icon and Mano makes her dream come true without revealing his identity. Later, Mano feels that he is in love with Nandhini. Did he open his love to Nandhini? Did they unite in their life? to know you need to Watch the movie..

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2h 17m 2017 1,510 views

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  • Original Title : Watch Saheba Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : 25-08-2017
  • Category : Kannada, Movies
  • Directors: Bharath
  • Rating: 5.0 1 votes