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The Ghazi Attack

The Ghazi Attack Hindi Movie Online HD, The Ghazi Attack story is, In 1971, a war with Pakistan was imminent as Pakistan is oppressing East Pakistan which is seeking a separation. Pakistan was looking for a ‘Pearl Harbor’ kind of surprise attack on Visakhapatnam. The Indian Navy deploys a submarine S21 to keep a watch. The submarine is commanded by Ranvir Singh (Kay Kay Menon) who is a hot-blooded captain who doesn’t respect protocols. The officials give clear instructions to Arjun Varma (Rana Daggubati) who is the second in command of the submarine to make sure that Ranvir Singh doesn’t disobey protocols. While doing patrolling, the Indian submarine intercepts the Pakistan’s powerful submarine PNS Ghazi. The rest of the story is all about the mind games between the two rival captains and how Indian submarine succeeds in destroying PNS Ghazi.|

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  • Original Title : Watch The Ghazi Attack Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : 17-02-2017
  • Category : Hindi, Movies
  • Directors: Sankalp Reddy
  • Rating: 5.0 1 votes