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Urvi Kannada Movie Online HD, The story revolves around the life of two ladies Daisy and Suzie inside a brothel who were limited to those four walls and satisfying the desires of men coming in. A visual artist, Roonie somehow gets into this brothel and Suzie falls in love with him. Daisy’s only wish was to save her younger sister Rashmi from womanizers like Krishna who would have threatened Daisy earlier.Dreams and desires had no scope at the brothel which is governed by a cunning Madam Bobby Doll, usually addressed as ‘Bobby ka doll’ by an evil man Devaragunda who had a criminal background along the coastal regions of Karnataka and had his influence in many places. Devaragunda would have had murdered Suzie’s father, raping of her elder sister and destroying their life. Another lady by name Asha who was an orphan, a medical student in relationship with a handsome guy Prakash, gets into trouble when she comes across a bundle of money and in the process of returning it to its owner, her life gets into trouble facing humiliation and accusation of stealing in the police station,later getting trapped into the same brothel,which was well planned by Devaragunda with the help of the Police. Devaragunda had his eyes on Asha at the very first time he saw her and channels her fate into this place. Meanwhile, the death of Daisy’s younger sister followed by internal conflicts and revolts inside the brothel make things go wrong and situations get heated up. The trio decides to escape from the place along with the other women by standing against all the evil forces and starts taking revenge against everyone who were involved in damaging their pleasant life and brought them to brothel. Urvi In this battle of freedom Daisy shoots Bobby in the head and Roonie gets badly wounded while helping them out. Three ladies create a new plot to punish Devaragunda with the help of his dearest daughter Shwetha who was Asha’s junior in the medical institute. Unknowingly Devaragunda reveals his face as a sexual maniac to his own daughter unknowingly. When he finds out that it was Shwetha, Devaragunda is petrified and repents after Shwetha rejects him as a father and for destroying many lives just for his status and sexual hunger unable withstand guilt Devaragunda recalls all those beautiful moments he had spent with his daughter before killing himself with a pistol. Everything gets to normal and when Asha’s boy friend Prakash turns up to receive her, she ruthlessly shoots him since he would have had helped Devaragunda in kidnapping her which she finds out from Bobby’s mobile. Also,the film Urvi throws light on human trafficking and evil side of the society towards women. The trio signifies the combination of Shakthi,Yukthi and Bhakthi in making the world a better place.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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2h 33m 17 March 2017 1,651 views

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  • Original Title : Watch Urvi Movie Online HD
  • Release Date : --17 March 2017
  • Category : Kannada, Movies
  • Directors: B S Pradeep Varma
  • Rating: 5.0 1 votes